Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud Security Service, Cloud Storage and Cloud Technology

We can help you implement composite IT security solutions for your on-site and cloud deployments.Our seasoned team has expertise in working with popular platforms like Azure,google cloud etc.We provide services like but not limited to security consulting,security monitoring,configuration management and vulnerability assessment. , endpoint security, security testing, and incident response.
Deploying your systems to the cloud offers you a lot of advantages like agility,flexibility and scalarbility.Cloud service providers do provide tools for helping with data security,but it is imperative to use third party cloud security service providers to enhance data security.Our team is experienced in helping clients enhance the security of their cold based operations. Risk and Compliance security.

The advantages you experience on partnering with us, one of the most acknowledged cloud security vendors in the industry today, are:
  • Security and regulatory compliance
  • Organization-wide culture of risk awareness
  • Stronger compliance and audit results
  • Integrated GRC program and dashboard
  • Empowered senior management
  • Stronger EISA
  • Rapid adaptation for business agility
  • Organizational culture of innovation
  • Improved capacity to incorporate new regulations

At Safinah Technologies, our cloud security experts and consultants believe there’s more to cloud security than the implementation of cloud security solutions. Rather, the emphasis is on creating a far reaching approach that consolidates a comprehensive security procedure with the best advances, close by administration, hazard, and consistence to remain in front of digital dangers.