Web Security Services

Your data and apps are moving to the Cloud – So should your security.

Web security is a significant issue, and most organisations' frameworks are not protected. Today almost all the major applications are on the Web. Web application data breaches make up almost 35% of all data breaches. It's a need of the hour to have a robust web application security infrastructure to make your data completely secure. Irrespective of whether you use an on-site server or the cloud it is imperative to protect your Web applications from attacks like Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS), SQL Injections (SQLi), Local File Inclusions(LFi), etc. Most businesses do not have the resources to focus on IT security, and that is where Safinah Technologies’ Managed Security Services may be just what you need for protection. Web servers and the sites they host are the most vulnerable security risk for many companies.

Todays complex computer programs all have weaknesses.

Each web server has code that has issues, all the time. The applications running on the IT framework can likewise be assaulted. Most organisations discover from an outsider that their security protocols have been undermined. Businesses may take a very long time to acknowledge that their security infrastructure has been breached. Consistent monitori is presently a necessity to forestall any breaks. Indeed, even with cloud administrations and the fundamental security they can give, every organisation has security duties of their own in order to keep their data safe.

Security Areas of Focus include:
  • Transport reliability
  • Virus Protection
  • WSDL Scanning
  • Identity Access AAA – Client / Server
  • Encoding Data Integrity
  • Error Handling
  • Content Integrity
  • Penetration Testing
  • XML Fortification

Why hire Safinah Technologies Web Services Specialists? Web security is a significant issue, and most organisations' frameworks are not ensured. We give the most recent web-layered checking, usage assessments, danger displaying, and border design surveys that advantage prompt and long haul requirements for your security framework topology.