Website Development

Develop a dynamic website that ensures you targeted traffic.

Safinah Technologies, a premium Web Development Company, provides attention-grabbing Websites that stand out from competitors. Customised web-developed and software solution for diverse business is our forte. We strive to provide our clients with a professional website which is cost-effective and affordable. Our suite of website development solutions are effective,competitive and provides positive returns web application development, creating a customized CMS, integrating existing systems, CRM's and security.

Our seasoned experts will consult with you and understand your needs and will help you choose the best possible solution to your problems. Apart from this, our experienced developers & programmers start working on your interactive web and keeping you constantly updated. They follow the quick path to development with changes and refinements being integrated as they go along rather than at the final stage.

ASP is one of the best development scaffolds that facilitate constructing pages and websites with CSS, server scripting, HTML, etc. Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server side technology of scripting.

ASP Web Development

CMS website development is one of the down-to-earth systems you can very straightforwardly add, confiscate images and amend transcript in your web site with simplicity. CMS termed as 'Content Management System.

CMS Web Development

Having only the images or great user interface on the website will not get you the more customers, sometimes your business website needs more dynamic features to interact with your customers.

PHP Web Development

We provide website development in Shopping Cart services since 2016. We are in field of Shopping Cart Programming & MySQL database designing and Developement.

Shopping Cart Development

A web portal is a website which is used to enter the web for delivering the important information in a unified way. It provides a unique way to deliver your information along the communication.

Portal Web Development

WordPress is an extremely comforting platform for both small and medium scale websites. However, a lot of people are not aware that WordPress is not only for blogs, but it can be customized to fit any need.

Wordpress Development